Books that can change your life!


The Empowerment Mindset follows up on the first two books of the author which provided a high-level survey of problems and barriers people face in often trying circumstances. It is the “final” handbook for anyone looking for a blueprint on how to empower themselves to greater success and happiness.


Dances with Spirits, from bestselling author and self-reliance activist Calvin Helin, guides readers in applying ancient wisdom for a better understanding of today’s complex, modern world.



Effective strategies to eliminate welfare dependency and help eradicate poverty among indigenous populations.  Dances with Dependency connects the prevailing impoverishment and despair directly to a “dependency mindset” forged by welfare economics.


Just what is economic dependency? It is the inability to become financially self-reliant, because government programs aren't just a temporary help – they're a permanent crutch. Today, economic dependency has become a way of life for millions of Americans.

Original Art by Bill Helin.