Dances with Spirits, from bestselling author and self-reliance activist Calvin Helin, guides readers in applying ancient wisdom for a better understanding of today’s complex, modern world.

Millions crave spiritual fulfillment in a time of broken social relations. Yet most are confused as to why their deepest yearnings for meaning and a kinder, gentler way of life are becoming ever more distant. The answers to such questions can be found in the ancestral wisdom of ancient cultures. People are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual and social beings on a human journey.


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The Empowerment Mindset is the ultimate self-help book for those looking for the knowledge and a practical method for how to improve their lives. Calvin Helin is not just writing about these matters—he has lived them. It provides a detailed summary of human nature that leads to failure and a thorough but simple process of how to create a real plan to escape to success and happiness.


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From urban public housing projects to impoverished Native American reservations, middle class suburban neighborhoods to Wall Street, economic dependency has become a serious pandemic.

Just what is economic dependency? It is the inability to become financially self-reliant, because government programs aren’t just a temporary help – they’re a permanent crutch. Today, economic dependency has become a way of life for millions of Americans.


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Dances with Dependency offers effective strategies to eliminate welfare dependency and help eradicate poverty among indigenous populations.

Beginning with an impassioned and insightful portrait of today’s native communities, it connects the prevailing impoverishment and despair directly to a “dependency mindset” forged by welfare economics.


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